I am a snob

>> Friday, August 01, 2008

The Boy and I visited Services SA yesterday to renew his driver's licence.

I couldn't help but notice the differnce between the one in the CBD and the one down here. In the CBD, there is a ticket machine. You pick what ticket you want and take a seat and wait. The waiting area is filled with suits, well-groomed professionals. Down south, it's like a Centrelink office. Ragged, poorly dressed bogans and girls in their late teens toting babies. Plus, you don't take your own ticket. It seems they don't trust the bogans to operate the machine; there's a door bitch to direct your query and provide you with the appropriate ticket.

For someone who grew up a bogan/white trash, I couldn't help but look askance. These dumbasses couldn't even operate a ticket machine themselves? Jesus. I've turned into a snob. Clearly I spent too many years living in the eastern suburbs.


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