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>> Friday, October 24, 2008

Not happy, Jan. Fight the power!

In other news, Misguided did manage to fit into her gown - and looked quite pretty, I might add. However, it does appear from the pictures that her serial killer of a new husband already wants to lock her in the basement and start eating her organs. Shudder.

Speaking of weddings - I recently hauled ass over to Moama for the DVD Queen's wedding. She, naturally, was far prettier than Misguided, and did not have to starve herself to do it. However, I learned something very important on the way there. The lesson? It is harder to rent a car than catch a domestic flight. Now, it could have simply been that The Boy and I are insanely white and have a disgustingly Aryan surname. HOWEVER, upon inspection it appeared to be not just us. What is "it", you ask? Why, the practice of not checking ID before handing out boarding passes and letting people on planes!

Yes, that's right! All anyone with a mind to avoid law enforcement and travel speedily needs to do is steal a credit card, buy a ticket online and you're set! Just check-in through a computerised kiosk! It's all good!

God. GOD. Roll up to Australian airports for all your domestic terrorism needs!!

At least the DVD Queen had nice weather for her wedding.


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