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>> Friday, July 11, 2008

My practitioners get a boatload of spam - presumably because their email addresses are on our company website - and they frequently get these ...

Hello friend. I ask you not to be surprised to get my letter. I haveseen yours
account in a site of acquaintances. Matchfinder orSingles.au. I thought and
decided to write a letter to you. I look forthe true love. Probably it is
impossible, but I look for love inInternet. And I will arrive to Australia in
the near future.I think that probably you and I can create big and fair
relations. Iwant to get acquainted with you better. I will arrive to Australia
soon.My girlfriend invites me to Australia. And I have decided to look forthe
love either.I am a Russian woman. My motherland is Russia. My city
isSt.-Petersburg. I hope you don't think bad of Russian women . I knowthat many
bad people have created bad impression about Russian women. Iwant to say at once
that I will not ask you for money. My girlfriendwill give me money for my trip
to Australia. I want to find love only.And may be big happiness. Only serious
relations.Why do I look for a man in your country? My best girlfriend lives
inAustralia. She got married Australian man. They are very happy together.Such
happens! The only problem is that my girlfriend doesn't hear anddoes not
speak. It was an awful accident several years ago. But mygirlfriend is happy
together with her australian man. They are very veryhappy together.My girlfriend
advised me to look for a person in Australia. She hasassured that I can find
good man. All is possible in our world! I amsure that I can find
good and fair man in Australia.
I can arrive to Australia at any time. As
soon as I want. I have a visaand the sanction to entry Australia. My girlfriend
helped me to do avisa.My girlfriend will give me money for trip. She will pay
all my charges.We are friends very long. Since our childhood. We always helped
eachother. And my girlfriend wants to help me to arrive to Australia. I
canarrive to the man who will want to create love with me. Probably it isyou? I
want to believe in it.My girlfriend has explained me that I shouldn't worry
about money. Shecan provide all. Also in the future she can give me good work
with a bigsalary. If I want to stay in Australia. And if I will find a good
I want true and serious relations. I don't understand and I don't wantto
play game. I will be happy to learn better if you are ready to startbuild
serious relations. We can try just for beginning. We can try tocreate love and
happiness. I think that there are no distances andbarrier for love. Only people
create miracles. May be me and you, we cancreate a miracle which will be called
as love. Do you agree with me?I will be glad to arrive to Australia to create
big feeling with you. Itrust in love and in good people. I think and hope that
you are a goodperson.I will wait for your answer. I will tell you about myself
more in detailin the following letter. I will send you my photos. Write to me.
Yourletter will do me the happiest woman. I will wait for your letter.Promise to
answer me please.I wrote this letter to you from common e-mail from
Internet-cafe. Writethe answer to my personal e-mail.
Here is my personal
e-mail: spbolesya008@yahoo.com
I want only one thing , to be loved and happy Your Olesya
So, what's the deal? If you respond to the email, do they hack your computer and steal your details? Is this an actual "Russian Bride" type scam?

But anyway. Until I find out, I am more than happy to be endlessly amused by the awful English and grammar, and the thought of either of my (female) practitioners being hit on by strange Russian chicks.


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