>> Sunday, July 06, 2008

So I'm trying to edit the code on this damn thing to create expandable posts, since the recap is so damn long. Nope. The code didn't work. I'm assuming it's not the code's fault; it's just that the vodka has fogged my brain so much that I can't follow a damn instruction. Perhaps some experimentation during lunch next week when I am sober might be helpful here, so whatever.

BUT. I then decide to try and put my links back in. But THAT function is also not working, most likely due to the fact that the Boy's love of World of Warcraft is hogging the computer even as he sleeps. And it keeps crashing Explorer as I surf. Which means that, on the very rare occasion that I get to use the internet at home, that fucking game is still pissing me off. HATE.

Plus side? Since I am pissed off my head, due to a crazazy stressful week, we may see the return of drunken blogging! Mind you, reading over current events, I'm finding it hard to get riled up about anything enough to bitch about it. Which is odd, because there is an awful lot to get riled up about. I blame Officer Asshat, the barrister who has melted my brain with the job from hell.

Which is another "complaint" - I am currently working in a pretty good Non-Evil Law Firm, and the people I work with rule - except, of course, when they hire barristers like Officer Asshat - and there is some hilarious stuff going on that has even hit the local news. Can I post about it (and, you know, not get fired)? No. No, I can't. And people, that is crying shame. Because it involves about 200 pounds of crazy in a 10 pound bag, and is fucking hilarious. Seriously.


The Boy July 09, 2008 8:11 PM  

It wasn't WoW....Rohan FTW

Cranky Princess July 10, 2008 8:20 AM  

What. EVER.

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